Welcome to the Helping Hands Group.

The Helping Hands Group was started by the Pearson family children in Colorado.  Our mission is to raise money for communities in need; particularly children in need.

This year, we are asking for donations to support Cooking Matters.  Cooking Matters helps families shop and cook healthy meals on a budget. Through 6th grade, Matthew struggled to eat a healthy diet, so when the opportunity came up to volunteer with this organization, he couldn’t say yes fast enough.  It is his year to choose a charity and he wants to give back to this organization which helps families, especially children learn how to eat as healthy as they can within their budget.

Our previous fundraising effort was for Sinde Village in Zambia.  We were fortunate to visit Sinde Village in October 2012, and it was overwhelming to see how different their lives are from ours.  We chose to help them with dedicating our first year of production to them. 100% of donations were sent to their village.  We raised over $11,000! Thank you everyone!

For every donation over $15, we will be giving away a “Helping Hand” that you can attach to your car. The hands will thank other drivers at the click of a button. You can see and read more about the hands under the ‘Products’ tab.

Sample hand Sample hand

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