The Helping Hands Group was created by The Pearson Family of Colorado.

Robert “JoJo” Pearson Harry Pearson Matthew Pearson Hayley Pearson
JoJo had the great idea of making the helping hands.  He is in charge of receipts.  JoJo helps with hand production, quality control, design and packaging. Harry is in charge of website photography, installation design and implementation, and finances. Matthew chose Cooking Matters as our current charity. He is in charge of website development, website support and quality control of photographs. Hayley chose Sinde Village as the charity for 2014. Currently, she is enjoying her first year of college.

We’d like to thank our friend, Bryce, who has helped us for more than 20 hours:

Bryce Vrabel
Bryce has been working on installation design, website photography, logo design and website development.

We’d like to also thank others who have helped us get this charity started.  You guys are the best. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Mom and Dad – Thanks so much!

Uncle Parker –  Thanks Uncle Parker for your ongoing legal advice.

Madison and McKenna Riley – Madison and McKenna were tremendous helps when we were first deciding what materials to use for the hands. They love decorating the hands and thinking up new ways to make them.  The also helped during our Open House with tours and checking out.

Darcy Vogt – Darcy helps us bejewel the hands and managed the checking process out at our Open House.

Ryan Meisner – Ryan helped us get ready for our open house and during a photo session. During our Open House, he was in charge of refreshments and helped with food prep.

Nicolo Piccolotti – Nico helped us get ready for the Open House and he was our photographer for the day.

Allyson Meisner – Allyson helped us with food prep and managed food maintenance throughout our Open House.

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