Open House 2016

On April 10, 2016 we held our second open house.  Thank you so much to everyone who joined us! Matthew, Harry, and JoJo with lots of help from Ryan, Allyson, Andrew, Madison, and McKenna, did an amazing job raising almost $5,000 for Cooking Matters. This money will help buy food for people learning how to cook healthy on a budget. You are all so generous and we thank you! Our charity is ongoing. Our goal is to continue fundraising and supporting Cooking Matters for the rest of 2016.  Here are a few pictures from the day.

Previous Open House – 2014

On November 2, 2014, we had an Open House to kick off our charity.   It was a great day!! We raised close to $5,000! We are so thankful to all who were able to join us and donated so generously.

DSC02958 DSC02914 DSC02903 DSC02967
DSC02958 DSC02914 DSC02903 DSC02967
DSC02958 DSC02914 DSC02903 DSC02967




We auctioned off some hands made by our founders!  Hayley, Matthew, Harry, JoJo and Bryce all had one of their unique designs up for the highest bidder.

DSC02958 DSC02914 DSC02903 DSC02967 DSC02967
JoJo’s Harry’s Matthew’s Hayley’s Bryce’s

The Beckham of Nakatindi:
Richard Field, our safari guide and a professional photographer, offered us this photograph to give away to the first person who donated over $1,000.

Thank you to the Lee Keeler at the Framed Image who gave us a discount to frame this image.


I am happy to donate a framed limited edition photo of a little boy from Nakatindi village (very close to Sinde). He had been playing football with some of the kids I had on safari on a dusty pitch. All the the local kids had no shoes, but they played every day. The poor Aussie kids were into their soccer, but only trained once or twice a week and couldn’t match them for fitness. This particular boy was the star of the show – I wish there was a recruiter for the English Premier League there to watch him. Seriously talented. It is called ‘The Beckham of Nakatindi’. It is part of a limited edition of 20 and will be numbered and signed. The photo is 30x20inches. It is one of my favourite photos.” – Richard Field

We are so excited to share this adventure with everyone!Primary Colors Africa PNG