The Helping Hand

The Helping Hand was conceived as a novel way to say thank you to a driver behind you.  With the Helping Hand you simply turn on the rear windshield wiper for a couple of seconds instead of raising your hand and waving from inside the car.  The Helping Hand will ensure that the person you want to thank, sees your wave.

Simply attach it to the back windshield wiper and when someone is nice on the road and you want to thank them, just activate your back windshield wiper and let the hand thank them instead.  If you don’t have a rear windshield wiper, you can suction cup the hand to the back of one of your car windows. The suction cup also works for hanging it in your house.

Depending on your donation amount, there are three different types of hands to choose from:

Laminated Fingernails/Ring Bejeweled Christmas Ornament
These hands are made out of laminated scrapbook paper and are decorated with stickers that spell out ‘Thank You’. These hands are the same as described in the laminated section, but also have decorated fingernails and/or ring finger.  These hands are a bit more fragile than above since the fingernails and rings are made of decorations that may fall off over time.  We will provide a extra decorations with each hand. These hands are the same as described in the laminated section and are outlined in faux gems. These hands are the most fragile of all, but are beautiful if you want to hang it inside your car or house.  We will provide a few extra decorations with each hand. Can’t find a gift for someone who has everything? Make a donation in their name. The Christmas ornaments are 4 inches in diameter (10cm) and come with a sticker saying that a donation was made in their name to The Helping Hands Group.

Please click on the active links below (in blue) if you’d like to see more hand examples as well as hands that are themed and custom request ideas:

Sample Hands

Custom Requests & Themed Hands



You attach your hand to the rear windshield wiper using the Velcro provided.  It’s very easy.  If you don’t have a rear windshield wiper, you can use the suction cup to attach to any nonporous surface.  A suction cup is provided.

Velcro Suction Cup

You can be very creative with The Helping Hands.  When you look through some of our pictures, you will see hand designs that fit every season of the year!  We have hands that are holiday themed from Valentines Day all the way through Christmas.  We also have special occasion hands that cover events such as birthdays.

The hands are made of laminated stock paper and are decorated with stickers and/or permanent markers.  They are fairly weather proof, though you may want to take them off before going through a car wash.

Once donations are received that qualify for a free hand, we will either mail them via USPS or bring them to you (for local donations) as soon as we can.  If you have any questions about the timing of your order, please contact us at the email provided on the ‘Contact Us’ tab.

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